Frequently Asked Questions

What “extras” will I need to order with my Ergo-Kit Flat Pack Cabinets?

Doors, hinge holes, end panels, kick plates, handles and benchtops.

As a guide the following prices are advised:

Hinge holes $5.00 each, Brushed Stainless Steel/black kickboards $90 per 3.6m, “bow” or “D” handles $3.20 each.

We will quote on your door and benchtop requirements.  Please mail, fax or email your benchtop drawings and your required door list (with swings of doors)

Do my Ergo-Kits Flat Pack Cabinets come with doors?

The prices quoted on the Flat Pack Cabinet pages are for the cabinet carcasses only, but including all the hardware to complete that flat-pack.    Door pricing is available on the Cabinet Doors page but if you would like pricing on 2 pack painted or acrylic doors, etc, you will need to fax or email us with details of the doors you require and we will quote.

Do I need to order end panels?

Yes.  The cabinets we supply have white melamine sides.  Wherever the sides of your cabinets are exposed (unless you want to see the white sides) you will need to order end panels.  We can quote these the same as we do the doors.

Will you work out which cabinets I need? 

No.  We offer these low prices because we do not have to design your kitchen.  We are quite happy to look at your plans and offer advice – but you will need to do the initial design.  You can use our Flat Pack Kitchen Planner to help you do this.

What if I need a special size cabinet?

We can cut Ergo-Kits (wall and base units) down in width to the size you require.  Please add $45.00 to the price of the carcass for this. Larger cabinets, e.g. pantry and corner units, and drawer units, add $85.00 to the cost of these cabinets to alter its size, i.e. from 900mm wide to 875mm wide. Drawer cabinets are not changed from our standard sizes.

How do I arrange a free quote?

Please fill out our web enquiry form and we will reply to your enquiry with simple instructions on how to specify your kitchen for quoting.

What about drawers?

Ergo-Kits come standard with Grass (Austrian) metal sided drawers, soft-close and full-extension, 40kg or 70kg rated per drawer.

How long will it take for my Ergo-Kits to be delivered?

Generally carcasses become available within 10 to 15 working days.  It then takes us between 1 and 10 days to deliver to you – depending on where you live in Australia.  If you order cabinet doors it will take a little longer.

I live in Bullamakanka – will you deliver to me?

We are happy to supply to people anywhere in Australia.  All flat packs, doors, drawers, hardware, end panels and benchtops will be shipped from Sydney.