Laminated Benchtops consist of a core of HMR (highly moisture resistant) particleboard – usually 33mm thick.  They are usually laminated one side only (but can be manufactured with laminate on the back).

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Laminated Benchtops

Edges are usually rolled (postformed).  There are four different profiles available:

Profiles Edge Radius
90 Degree Profile 90 Degrees Radius 10mm
Bullnose 180 deg Radius 16mm
Softform Soft Edge 180 deg Radius 10mm
Tightform Tightform or Squareform* Radius 3 – 5mm EURO benchtops only

*Laminate used for Tightform can only be postformed in one direction – ends of benches cannot be postformed using this special laminate.

Benchtop Profiles Colour Image

Benchtops and panels can be manufactured on 38mm, 33mm (standard), 25mm, 18mm or 16mm HMR particle board.

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Benchtops can also be supplied with laminated aprons and splashbacks – please phone or email to discuss your requirements.

Laminate Colours

There are thousands of colours and prints available for benchtops

Laminex Colours – click to view

Euro Tightform Laminate Colours – click to view